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Leo Reading

Software Engineer and Problem Solver From the USA

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My Blog A collection of technical and non-technical mishaps, achievements and stories.


New Website

Facebook and Twitter are a great place to share personal thoughts, pictures, etc with your friends and family.  A big part of who I am is my inner nerd.  I wanted a place to share this part of me with the world.  I've begun development on this site so that I can do just that.  I plan to share some of the technological struggles (and hopefully victories) that I face at work.  If nothing else, this is a great opportunity for me to keep a record of what I'm doing so that I can look at how far I've progressed as a programmer.


I am happily employeed as a software developer.  The majority of work that I do at work is with C# (typically MVC based web projects), and I leverage technologies like plain old vanilla JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, and my personal favorite, SignalR.  I've also had the unique opportunity of writing a couple of Android apps as well.  The work that I do at work will likely never be seen by the world, as almost everything I do is for internal customers. If someone wants to see the kind of work that I can produce, they should be able to see it here.


Where I am happily employed, I am taking my time with this project and making it exactly how I want it to be.  This is my way of unwinding.  With that in mind, through this project I am developing a custom CMS (Content Management System).  While not even at the full version yet, I've included a blogging module, page management, email interface, users/roles/administration, tagging, and even a real time notification system.  At the end of this project, I hope to have a fully developed CMS that I can offer to people or businesses looking to create a powerful web presence that is easily managed, and customize to meet any needs.


Thanks for reading this, and I'm looking forward to writing more.  Actually, I look forward to looking back.

Leo Reading

Leo Reading is a US based software engineer and problem solver. Known as a jack of all trades and master of few, Leo is constantly learning new technology and expanding his understanding of all things 'nerd'

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