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Working Smarter - Not Harder

I get very excited about my side-projects, and have a tendency to rush into them.  Unfortunately, I get distracted by something else that's shiney before I get them done, and I'm off to the next one.  There's a folder of all of the projects that I plan to finish before I retire 40 years from now, but that's a different story.  This post is about how I'm working smarter and not harder!   For those of you who have ever programmed, you probably already know that there's a lot of monotony and repeated work when working on greenfield projects all the time.  To fix this, I'm setting up a seed project from which I can start all of my new projects.  This will save me at least a few hours per project....   This seed project will be a WebAPI project that is configured for both cookie authentication (as a regular MVC site), along with bearer token authenticati...

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Web API Bearer Token And Claims

I'm working on a project that has an MVC Web API that lives on a different server from an MVC5 application that needs to consume the API.  Because the user information is stored in the same database as the rest of the information that the API is...

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