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Software Engineer and Problem Solver From the USA

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I did something out of the ordinary a couple of weeks ago:  I took a vacation.  I had planned to work fast and furious on my big side project, but my web hosting provider had other plans.  My server was down for over three days, and that put my development to a complete halt.  I had 3 days of downtime that I had already planned to use programming, so naturally I turned my attention to Stack Overflow.   I've been a lurker for a while now on Stack Overflow, never really seeking questions that I might be qualified to answer, rather using it as a reference when I needed help.  I figured I was already planning on coding, so why not give answering a few questions a shot.  The best way of learning is trying to teach anyways...  I was so excited to finally be able to give something, as small of a contribution as it may be, back to the community that...

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New Website

Facebook and Twitter are a great place to share personal thoughts, pictures, etc with your friends and family.  A big part of who I am is my inner nerd.  I wanted a place to share this part of me with the world.  I've begun deve...

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