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Leo Reading

Software Engineer and Problem Solver From the USA

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Grep Isn't Just for Unix!

I'm coding away at a neat little JQuery feature at work, when suddenly... THE NETWORK GOES DOWN!!! No worries though, I know my way around JQuery, and all of my resources are running locally.  IT is buzzing away to get all systems back online, and as much as I offered to help, they'd prefer to not babysit me while I'm breaking things while trying to help.  Totally understandable, I'll just go back to coding. Happy Leo!   I have a javascript object, that's an array of annonymous objects.  It's kind of like a JSON object, and it looks something like this: var people  = [     {         Id: 5,         FirstName: "Leo",         LastName: "Reading"     },     {   &...

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Why Versioning Javascript Is Important

Before I begin, I would like to acknowledge the people who make and sell themes.  I am not a graphic designer, and I outsource just about all visual aspects of the work I do.  I typically will get a ready-made "theme" and then ...

Code Samples

I did something out of the ordinary a couple of weeks ago:  I took a vacation.  I had planned to work fast and furious on my big side project, but my web hosting provider had other plans.  My server was down for over three days, a...

New Website

Facebook and Twitter are a great place to share personal thoughts, pictures, etc with your friends and family.  A big part of who I am is my inner nerd.  I wanted a place to share this part of me with the world.  I've begun deve...

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