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I've been happily chugging away on my mobile platform project using Xamarin Studio.  In fact, it's one of the only things I've been talking about recently.  This post will talk about an interesting little bug that I ran into after installing the Xamarin Google Play Services Binding (ICS) NuGet package. COMPILETODALVIK Fixing the COMPILETODALVIK Error in Xamarin Studio: To fix the error in Xamarin Studio, do the following: Right-click on your project in the solution explorer Select "options" from the context menu Click the Android Build option in the left pane under build. Select the advanced tab Under Additional Options, put "1G" in the Java Heap Size text box. Clean and re-build   Basically what was happening (at least in my case) was that the heap size was ...

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Google Play Services and Xamarin Don't Play Nicely

Without revealing too much yet, I am very comfortable saying that the app I am developing will utilize some of the available Google Play Services.  It's a super feature rich suite, and can add a lot of functionality to your app with minim...

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