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.Net 4.6 System.AppContext Whaaat?

I haven't posted an entry here in a while as I have a lot on my plate!  I started a new job and am truly enjoying it.  I work with a lot of very intelligent people, and am learning each and every day at a level that I haven't seen since I first started programming.  This new job, however, comes with a code base that isn't always spectacular.  This isn't unlike most positions you would find as a Software Engineer, but today a naming decision came to bite us in the butt, and nobody saw it coming.   TLDR; .Net Version 4.6 added the System.AppContext class.  If your .NET project is targeting 4.5 or lower and has its own class named AppContext with the namespace imported in a using directive, your project will build but will fail at run time on any machine with .NET 4.6 or later installed due to an ambiguous reference.   I decided to assist a c...

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